View two versions of the FIVE COLUMN Four Gospel Harmony and unified Fifth Column Merged text side-by-side!

The Verse-By-Verse Edition (on the left) is an essential tool to see how the four Gospel texts are related and interwoven. This work is great to show students the parallel sections of the Gospels across four columns, and to help Pastors compose complete references in sermons.

The Word-For-Word Edition shows the preceise word-for-word alignment of the parallel split verses, and notates all of the groupings of words. This work is of interest to those who want to see the individual word-for-word divisions, and for scholars who want to analyze or verify the unified fifth column Synoptic Gospel text.

View 20 Sample Scenes of these two books, along with the full unified fifth column text of The Synoptic Gospel and The Red Letter Gospel, on our sister website, where you can also hear the Scene narration from the Audiobook.

FIVE COLUMN: Verse-By-Verse Edition

378 Pages

FIVE COLUMN: Word-For-Word Edition

554 Pages

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